That’s the name behind the acronym and platform, KYMA (, built by our fellow Wanderdays visionary, Pierre Lambert.

At the heart of every great idea is identifying a problem. The problem was, for those of us traveling as couples, it’s difficult to capture beautiful, professional moments on our trips. What we end up with are a collection of selfie-stick shots, only to be shared on our Instagram and Facebook. Throughout the amazing places we can visit in this world, how awesome would it be to not only have a trusted local show you around, but also take you to the most scenic, picturesque places in their city to capture a dramatic, and truly moment with your loved one?

Well, now you can. KYMA was beautifully designed by a team who’s work includes companies like LVMH. The website was created with the mindset that finding and booking professional photographers should be easy, painless, and worry-free. Finding a photographer from Paris to Los Angeles, couldn’t be any easier, and the friendly UX allows you to preview photographers’ ratings and even preview their portfolios. The site creates a worry-free experience for both the client and photographer, because KYMA acts as a 3rd party agent to hold funds, so that the customer will never be cheated out of their money for paying in advance, and photographers will never have to worry about nonpaying customers at the end of a session. This creates a stress-free environment for both parties to focus on what matters the most, capturing the most creative moments in the most unique of places.

About KYMA Founder: Pierre, himself, is a professional photographer based out of Paris and New York City. For years, he’s helped his friends and friends of friends take fun and professional couples’ destination photos at extremely affordable prices. However, when it came time for him to travel with his wife, it was oddly difficult to find a reliable, and knowledgable destination photographer. After years of frustration, he decided to build a platform to not only help us wanderlust couples find these gem photographers, but also provide an Uber-like platform for photographers to get customers.

Photo Credits: Pierre Lambert