28 year old Henrik Vikse was once stuck with a typical desk job but longed to get out, so he did something that every office worker dreams of: he quit, started his own company and now spends his free time exploring the wilderness of Norway with his husky Akiak.


“I couldn’t just go on long hikes whenever I had the need for it. That’s also why I decided to start my own business — now I am my own boss.” 10261142_941836362525792_1096245209_n-e1443117790600

Vikse started a tile-laying company that renovates stores. He will land a project, work 12-16 hours a day for about two weeks until it is done and then head out into the wilderness with Akiak.

“The only thing I regret is why I didn´t do this years ago. I now have the freedom to work a lot in periods, and truly have the passion to follow my dreams. It´s gone surprisingly well.”

11820647_879109045506360_556214366_n-e1443117815138“My advice must be, if you are good enough, you will make it. Put your name out there and don´t be afraid. But of course just in case, have a back-up plan.” 11325067_560410030764872_2105605463_n-e1443117952748

“The most enjoyable part of what I do now has to be the feeling of being flexible. I work hard for a short period so I can travel and enjoy nature in Norway with my furry best friend.”