Traveling and working may seem like a conflict for most, but if we really dig deep into it, we will find that there are not only many ways to continue working, and more importantly building a career, while traveling. We’re beginning a series of interviews, video and text based, that will explore the different careers that people have on the road. Hopefully it will start to give you some ideas about what types of work, what fields/industries you should explore to find the best match for your skill sets. We will also explore cities that are best suited for remote work and places where you can live affordably and enjoy being away while learning a new culture or language.

Recently, we got in-touch with one of our favorite buddies living the dream, traveling and working remotely for a US based company. Check out what he had to say below!

Brent is currently traveling in South America for the next 6 months. He’s simply seeking out cities that have good internet connections and that’s all he needs for his work. He has been able to explore remote places on his own time, plan his own days, and still make by abroad.

Photo Credits: Dominik Schroder