Who We Are

Wanderdays is a platform to share stories and ideas for those looking to build a balanced lifestyle of traveling while maintaining a career. We're here to help if you're looking for this lifestyle but can't fathom how to make it economically feasible. For a lot of individuals, the biggest hurdle to overcome is leaving their comfort zone, yet they still have a burning desire to become well-traveled and see the world. Our mission is to help you bridge that gap and turn your dreams into a reality. Who are we? We're a collection of personalities from Los Angeles to Paris to Melbourne. We personally live the entrepreneurial, remote-work life and are only bound to the limitations of our imaginations. We came up with Wanderdays with a fruitful combination of Wanderlust and Weekdays. It made us wonder why our weekdays can't become Wanderdays. We're not advocates for quitting your job (unless your career is utterly unfulfilling), we're actually realistic advocates for continuing to build your career and finding ways to travel. We're here to inspire a new generation of individuals, constantly plugged-in and available to build a career remotely, to explore the world and concurrently pursue their work passions. Feel free to email us your stories (hello@wanderdays.com) and we'll gladly share them on our platform here. The goal is to share success stories of people who travel and work, and hopefully not only give others the inspiration and open them up to what's possible, but also help them match up with progressive companies looking for their talents. From all of us, with wanderlust & passion: Pierre, Daniel & Sean